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Planning and Designing Homes for the Rental Market by Evelyn Robinson Topic: Custom House Plan Design
Whether you are planning a new build or buying existing real estate, if your intention is to rent that home out as an investment, then careful consideration should be given to the layout and finish of the property.
Published: Tuesday 16 October, 2012
Planning A House Design With Growing Children In Mind by Robert Lobitz Topic: Interior Design
A lot of young couples prepare to plan their own home but forget one critical aspect. If they are planning on having children in the future, the home needs to be designed with more than a nursery and a bedroom in mind. These babies are going to grow up into young children and then into older childre...
Published: Wednesday 11 January, 2012
How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in the Home by Mike Genner Topic: Home Improvement
With the winter months coming, homeowners will soon be taking steps to weatherize their houses. While sealing a home can help make it more energy efficient by keeping heat trapped inside, it could also increase concentrations of carbon monoxide gas. At elevated levels, carbon monoxide can cause illn...
Published: Wednesday 12 October, 2011
Seasonal Decorating - Give Your Home A Summer Makeover by Caroline Smith Topic: Interior Design
Do you want to get your home ready for summer inexpensively? There are a number of ways that you can revamp your home and "summerize" it without spending large amounts of money. Listed below are some tips that will help you in decorating your home tastefully for the summer months ahead.
Published: Thursday 19 May, 2011
Adapting a Home for Senior Living by Claire Bradshaw Topic: Home Improvement
As seniors age, they begin to notice gradual changes in their ability to function. These may include less flexibility, weakening eyesight, an inability to balance easily, fragile bones, or greater fatigue. Most of these changes occur so gradually that people are unaware of the dangers they can cause...
Published: Tuesday 08 March, 2011
Converting the Garage by Rob Stone Topic: Home Improvement
You know the scenario. Over the years the kids have got bigger (and how) and what was once your fairly spacious abode is now beginning to get slightly stretched at the seams. The simple fact is you need more space
Published: Thursday 02 December, 2010
Custom House Plans by Rob Stone Topic: Custom House Plan Design
Depending on your situation may mean you are looking for a custom home plan as in plans for a new home. With the current cost of purchasing a new home, an increasing number of people have begun researching into constructing their new home with a custom design, in place of looking at what properties...
Published: Monday 04 October, 2010
Remodelling your Bathroom by Rob Stone Topic: Home Improvement
Second only to the weather the UKs most talked about topic seems to be house prices and values. Think then how you could add value to your home and your thoughts may immediately turn to extensions, conservatories etc but one of the easiest and least expensive ways is to remodel your bathroom. Yes...
Published: Saturday 04 September, 2010
Once a Garage now a Living Area by Rob Stone Topic: Home Improvement
If the children are happy at school, the neighbours are just how you like them and you love your home yet still need more space there are two main areas where you can capitalize. Firstly you could extend either with a normal extension or a conservatory or you could turn the attic or loft into livin...
Published: Saturday 04 September, 2010
How to grow your home as your family grows by Rob Stone Topic: Home Improvement
We have either had this problem or one day will. That is the problem of your family goring to a size that your home cannot cope with. Never before in human history have we been so well off and as a result we seem to collect a lot of stuff whether it is useful or not. This is not just furniture but c...
Published: Saturday 04 September, 2010
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 70 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  [Next >>]