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General House Construction

We are always looking for articles providing information on house construction.  Contact us if you would like to submit a article.

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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Conservatories and Their Double Glazing Benefits by Rob Stone Topic: General House Construction
One of the most popular add-ons to the home in many countries is the Conservatory which many refer to as a Sun House. A conservatory can be a large project both financially and construction wise so many families think about the investment for quite a while before going ahead with their plans.
Published: Saturday 12 June, 2010
Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor by Peter Emerson Topic: General House Construction
According to the National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors (NAWSRC), consumers can take several steps to ensure they find the right contractor for their job. A leaky roof, basement or unprotected foundation can cost thousands of dollars worth of damage and significantly...
Published: Thursday 21 February, 2008
Things To Be Considered In Mind While Choosing Doors For Your Ga by David Faulkner Topic: General House Construction
The most usual types of garage doors popularly used in suburban and profitable garages are the retractable, canopy, the side hinged, and the sectional retractable doors. Compared to old-fashioned garage doors, modern garage doors are much more enduring, comfortable and safe.
Published: Wednesday 28 November, 2007
Why do Basements Leak? by Joseph Then Topic: General House Construction
Leaking basements are a big problem. When water gets into a basement it can affect your whole house. It can cause foundation damage and even introduce harmful mold. Understanding why basements leak is the first step in preventing leaking in your basement.
Published: Tuesday 06 November, 2007
Fireplace Design - A Real Burning Issue by Richard Banks Topic: General House Construction
Mantlepiece and grate styles have altered but the basic structural elements of a fireplace have not radically changed for hundreds of years. The early combination of a large stone or brick opening with a chimney built over it evolved from the obvious fact that smoke rises, rather than from a scienti...
Published: Thursday 26 July, 2007
Waterproofing Your Foundation? What Is The Right Choice? by Dagmar Rakos Topic: General House Construction
What is foundation waterproofing? Waterproofing is Protecting your property foundation Ė be it residential or commercial Ė from cracks due to natural processes such as water damage, thermal movement, shrinking, settlement and other causes. Think of foundation waterproofing as a long term sol...
Published: Thursday 05 July, 2007
Building Your Own Home by George Stevens Topic: General House Construction
Most people think building their own home involves vast knowledge of all aspects of the home building process. The impression of most people is they donít really know enough to build their own home. Letís face it, most of us know a little about the process. Some of us may know a lot about one aspect...
Published: Tuesday 12 June, 2007
Buying New Construction...How Do I Begin? by Sheldon Salnick Topic: General House Construction
The prospect of shopping for a new construction residence can be quite daunting, but the rewards of owning a brand new home out-weight the disadvantages if you know the potential pitfalls. The following are important considerations: Overall Dollar Budget, Location, Cost Per Square Foot, Finishes, Up...
Published: Monday 26 March, 2007
Advantages Of Wooden Materials Over Other Materials For A Garage by Ishak Iman Topic: General House Construction
Homeowners usually use their garages as a parking area for cars. A garage can be used as a workshop or a warehouse as storage of home equipments such as gardening tools or heavy things that not be used everyday. A garage can be multi purposes.
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 articles) Result Pages:  1