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House Plan # P322640
House Plan # P322640
Has a Nursury
House Plan # P433283
House Plan # P433283
The 3rd bedroom could also be an office.
House Plan # P335505
House Plan # P335505
Large rear deck, Open foyer,Double garage,Bonus rooms

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HousePlan DesignWorks, Inc. is committed to providing quality custom house plans at affordable prices. HousePlan DesignWorks is a full service, custom home design service that will discuss with you all of the details necessary to design your custom home to fit the way you live. Your home should have that personal touch that portrays your family's lifestyle and individual personality.  Our house plans provide your builder with the detailed information required to complete the construction of your new home or home addition while avoiding costly and irritating mistakes often encountered in this process. Call us today to start working on your new home plans.             

Contractors- Ask about our builders program.

Have you been looking for house plans but still can't find what you want? You're not alone! Are all the plans starting to look the same? Are you to the point where you're ready to buy something that's close so that you can try to get your builder to make the changes or find a local designer to redraw the plans? Don't make that mistake! Look at the plans on our site, find a floor plan close to what you want, order the plan to be customized and send us a picture if you want the house to look different from the rendering shown for that plan. A good example may be found in plans P321145 and P321246B. You will get a custom plan for a fraction of the normal cost of custom house plans! The prices for this service are conveniently shown with each house plan. We strive to make this experience a pleasant and comfortable one for each of our clients. Let's face it; in this business, word of mouth and referrals are like gold to the house plan design firm, so our goal is to ensure that your buying experience is a great one and the plan you choose is outstanding, as well. We feel that these components provide each of our customers with the ammunition they need to recommend our firm to a friend, colleague or family member without reservation. At HousePlan DesignWorks, we are true to our word and integrity is the foundation upon which our business has been built.

House planAll of the house plans on this site started out as custom house plans that we can now offer to you as "stock" house plans.  Our selection of well-designed, stock house plans has been produced using Cad software to ensure accurate and detailed information. Our house plans have also been reviewed for structural, as well as aesthetic, value. Each of our house plans can be modified to make it the plan for your home for a small price increase. If you find a floor plan close to what you need, order the house plan with customization and we will change the floor plan and elevations per your specifications. A good example of this may be found in house plans P321602 and P321602B. Please click the link on the left for more information regarding the ordering of custom house plans.

All of the house plans on this site were designed to comply with the current building code when they were drawn. We review all ordered house plans for current code compliance and revise if required. If you are going to build in an area that receives heavy snow, or in one that is subject to hurricane force winds, you will need to review the house plans for code compliance. Most of these plans have been built in the greater Charlotte area in North Carolina and South Carolina. If you are located in Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord, Rock Hill, Albemarle, or any of the surrounding areas, please give us a call to set up a meeting. Most of the house plans are also designed for roof trusses and stick framed floor systems.

You are invited to create an account with us and receive a Gift Voucher to use toward your first purchase! Contractors, please ask about our builder's program.

We'd like to sincerely say "Thank You" from our family to yours. We are here to serve your personal needs, and we look forward to working with you!

We provide the very, very best in the residential designof homes and we look forward to working with you in the pursuit of your perfect home. Nothing satisfies us more than our satisfied customers. For more information, pricing for Custom house plans, and a free, in-person or telephonic consultation, please contact us at your convenience to get started on your custom home design.

Custom House Plans
Custom House Plans

Depending on your situation may mean you are looking for a custom home plan as in plans for a new home.  With the current cost of purchasing a new home, an increasing number of people have begun researching into constructing their new home with a custom design, in place of looking at what properties are on the current housing market to buy.

Constructing your new home from your own custom house plan is not just a trend found in the United States, but in many other countries such as the United Kingdom. The appeal of being able to construct your new home with the design you have chosen, in an area of your choice is a growing inclination.

When you approach a building construction company to design a custom home plan, you will find there are already many different designs choose from.  If you are not set on a predesigned house plan already available, you may be in a position to ask for a custom set of house plans to be drawn up. This can provide the opportunity to choose your preferred design which can then be used to build the home of your dreams.

Having your own custom house plan created from scratch is certainly a possibility from most of the building construction companies available. Give some thought beforehand of what design you would ideally like such as modern, contemporary, traditional, or country home styles. You can provide a list of criteria, considerations and tastes and they provide a unique design for your new construction.  These could be aspects from pervious homes that can come together to build into your perfect new home from your own specific custom home plan that will build into something very special.

When researching which building company to approach, have a look to see if they have a website which is usually the case which can provide a first impression of what to expect from each particular company such as recent house constructions and their home designs. Many will have house plans for you to view which can even provide a three dimensional walkthrough to provide a first persons perspective of how your new home will look.

When you approach a building construction company, they will usually have a vast array of different floor plan designs for you to look over.  As with collating positive aspects of previous homes and collating into your ideal house plan, you can take particular areas of many designs and incorporate into your new house plan for the construction company to work with. This may have an additional cost compared to choosing a predesigned house plan but can be well worth the extra expense to have everything just right for the way you live. A good home designer may be able to reduce the cost to build by enough to cover the extra expense of custom house plans.

This should not be a problem in many cases but worth taking into consideration either way. When drawing up you new house plan, it can be very easy to get carried away. However, this is going to be your home and your new custom house plan should be something none of your neighbours within your town or city will even come close to, can be a very appealing opportunity.

Once you find the construction company you wish to take on the task of designing your custom house plan which will take much discussion. They will go through with you many areas that they will have many years of experience on such as in deciding what size is practical, what budget will be required for the separate parts of your house plan that will be bought together to produce your home.  For example, do you need four large bedrooms or will three rooms be more practical?

At the end of the day, take the process of constructing your new home each step at a time. Personal recommendations of architects used by other people can be an excellent way to find a very talented professional company to take on your exciting project.

Rob Stone writes many articles on Home Improvement from Interior Design to Solar Panels for the home.

Pre-drawn House plans the Benefits and Styles
Pre-drawn House plans the Benefits and Styles

Pre-drawn house plans are those that are drawn by architects or home designers and then offered for sale, unlike those that are drawn for an individual, with input from the customer. While this method may be a great idea, there are definite benefits to purchasing pre-drawn house plans. Architects and home designers that do custom home designing also do a lot of their own designs, and it is these plans that are offered for sale They are adept at making plans that utilize available space to the best possible advantage, and at laying out a floor plan to optimize curb appeal.

Custom designing of your home can take months to be completed and is extremely expensive, often up to ten times the cost of predawn or stock house plans. Using custom drawn plans can delay the construction of your home by many weeks There are dozens of home styles and literally thousands of plans to choose from, so you can be sure to find the home of your dreams.

If you find a house plan that you love, but want to make minor changes, most companies can have their designers do that for you, at an additional fee. It is also possible to have your plans reversed, for instance, if your breakfast nook faces west but the view from the north side of your lot is more attractive, you can reverse it. Many of the sites selling house plans will allow you to see a reversed view, of houses you might want to build.

Another service provided by the companies that design and sell house plans, is one that allows you to estimate the cost for building a particular house in your area of the country. The South is the least expensive area to build in and the West has the highest cost .The national average is somewhere in between.

There are dozens of house plan styles for you to browse and hundreds in each category, from A-Frame to Victorian, , from small to large, you can find the right home for your family. There are magazines, books and web sites galore that you can search

Beach houses, are small one story homes, raised above the ground, and usually have an open floor plan, with a lot of windows, to get a good view of the yard.. A low end Beach house with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen and Great room would cost, about $74,000.00 to build, according to the national average, and about $15,000.00 more in the west and $8000.00 less in the south. These little houses make great vacation retreats and are also suitable as a starter home or retirement home for empty nesters.

Bungalows are 1 to 1and ½ story homes, They often incorporate features of the Craftsman style house, such as natural building materials, exposed rafter ends and gables. They also sometimes borrow features from the Country or Victorian look.A two bedroom, one bath bungalow in the mid-range can be built for between $70,000.00 and 95.000.00, depending on what part of the country you live in. A low-end two bedroom one bath can be built for $52,000 to 70,000. These cute homes are great for newlyweds or retirees

Large front porches, dormers and a roofline that lies parallel to the road are the main distinguishing features of Country homes. Farm house and French Country plans can also be included in this category. Open floor plans are not common to this type of house. A small country home, 576 square feet, with one bath and two bedrooms, can be built for under $60,000.00 can be erected on your site for under $60,000.00. A three bedroom, 1 and ½ baths, will average about $84,000.00 to erect on your site. .

Craftsman style homes are characterized by the use of natural materials like wood or stone for exterior walls, and rock foundations that slope out towards the ground. They may also include dormers, exposed beams, and overhanging eaves. A two bedroom one bath house in the craftsman style will cost between $52,000.00 and $62,000.00 to build a two bedroom, two bath, home with a 2 car garage will run about $96.000.00.

Another popular house plan style is the French Country home. They are similar to Country style in that they feature front porches, dormers and roof- lines that run parallel to the road. A two bedroom, two bathroom house with volume vaulted ceilings, walk in closets, walk in pantry covered rear porch and two car garage can be built for aproximately$112.000.00 to $133.000.00 depending on where you live.

Log homes make the perfect vacation home since they evoke feelings of comfort and peace. These homes come in various styles and sizes. Wood logs are the main construction material,. A one story, two bedroom, one bath, log home, with a covered front porch, will cost about $90,000.00 to build.

Victorian style houses are generally two stories, with steep roof pitches, dormers, octagonal turrets and of course the trademark gingerbread trim. A two story, three bedroom, three baths home of this style, with an open floor plan, and unfinished basement, can be built on your lot for around $100,000.00.

Luxury homes are huge house with at least 3000.sq. ft of living space, they are characterized by large master bedroom suites.1 walk in closets, and extra rooms which can be used as a library, music room, media center or home office to name a few. A three bedroom, two and ½ bath, luxury home with a two car garage with storage space, breakfast nook, and covered front porch .will cost you between $ 180,000.00 and 240,000.

There are dozens of other house plan style categories, such as A-Frames, Mission, Contemporary, Southwest, and Tudor to name just a few. A web search for house plans yields a mind blowing number of searchable sites. Most of these allow you to search for house plans, by style, number of bedrooms, baths, with or without a garage, or by sq. ft. of living space.

Keep in mind that the estimate price to build, doesn't include the price of the plans, any changes you make to the plans or building permit fees. Despite these fees, Building your new home from pre-drawn plans will be cheaper and probably faster than having your home plans custom drawn.

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